We take students out of the classroom and challenge them to learn about how the world really works in different places, delivering truly unique study abroad and student travel opportunities. Our global education programs incorporate and combine immersion, experience, and inquisition, and take place in what can loosely be described as non-traditional settings. Our goal is to change the way youth think about the developing world – we accomplish this by designing and running experiential, student travel programs that encourage youth to 1)  engage, 2) learn, and 3) question.

Insight Global Education was originally founded in early 2013. The organization began as a dedicated student travel initiative, developing unique international internship and study abroad options for students keen to gain international development experience. The transition from our original narrow focus reflects our ambitions as a study abroad provider to explore a wide range of issues, while engaging an even wider audience. In addition to providing university travel (incorporating study abroad and international internships), Insight began running high school travel programs to the global south in early 2015. Our team is composed of professionals who’ve spent years working in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors, with a wide variety of international development experience. Our small team collectively speaks 15 languages, has traveled to 100+ countries, and is as diverse as it is energetic. Insight is a fully licensed educational travel organization, and is regulated by the Government of BC and Canada.

Our Philosophy

Our model is experiential. Our philosophy is locally inclusive. 

We believe that if you want to change the world, than you need to really how it works first. 

Our educational travel programs, both university and high school, are deeply rooted in experiential learning and incorporate a variety of prescribed learning outcomes. The international experiences we facilitate for our students are extremely personal and life-changing. We prioritize getting to know each one of our students on a deep level, ensuring our impact is measured individually.

At the university level, our international programs combine study abroad with international internships. Our semester long programs provide one of the most unique international travel opportunities for current students.

Why We’re Different

Build schools. Dig wells. Teach children. These are three of the most common types of international development experience youth pursue today. The voluntourism industry, though in its infancy, has become a major player in global education and travel.

It is our core belief that if you want to change the world for the better, then you need to really learn about it first. Good intentions, while good in nature, do not always have good outcomes, and while some international volunteer projects really do have good outcomes, many others simply do not.

Our university and high school travel programs are rooted in local leadership and are built in partnership with a variety of local stakeholders. Students participating in our programs – be it one of our 12-week university summer travel programs, or one of our 2-week immersive high school travel programs – don’t build anything. They don’t teach, nor do they impart; they meet, they experience, they engage, and they learn.

Our global education programs are different from the norm because we place the emphasis on learning through observation, through inquiry, and through engagement with local change makers. We’re different because we get to know each one of our students’ names, their stories, and their ambitions. We are deeply committed to developing global education programs that suit our students’ needs, while having a net benefit in communities we work in. 

Meet The Team

Craig Vandermeer

Craig Vandermeer

CEO / Founder

SFU | M.A International Studies
Carleton | BA Political Science

Holding a Master’s Degree in International Studies, Craig’s first experience in a developing country saw him researching the growth potential of the Ugandan oil industry. After 5+ years in sub-Saharan Africa, and witnessing countless poorly designed student travel abroad programs, Craig decided to take action and create educational travel programs for students rooted in experience based learning. Craig has extensive international development experience, having lived and worked in a handful of countries, and traveled to more than 35.

Ghazal Habib

Ghazal Habib

VP, Operations

SOAS | MA Public Affairs and Policy Management
SFU | BA International Development

After graduating from SFU with a BA in International Studies and a Certificate in African Studies, Ghazal moved to Kigali, Rwanda where she worked for Radio La Benevolencija, an NGO operating in the African Great Lakes region. Ghazal’s role as VP, Operations for Insight has seen her return to the region she loves most, East-Africa. During her undergraduate studies, Ghazal participated in a study abroad program in Fiji. Ghazal is extremely passionate about refugee issues, gender equality, educational travel, and student engagement.

Jared Lim

Jared Lim

VP, Business Development

UNBC | B. Commerce

After graduating from UNBC and spending a year abroad, Jared decided to pursue entrepreneurship. He joined College Pro, a business development and house painting franchise, and soon became one of the top franchisees in the company. After achieving the “success” he’d thought he wanted, he felt unfulfilled and sold everything to travel the world indefinitely, on a journey of self-discovery. After developing a passion for social business, educational travel and a desire to make a positive difference, Jared returned home and joined the Insight team.

Clint Omelaniec

Clint Omelaniec

Communications Director

SFU | BA International Development

Clint handles website development, photography, video production, and print materials for Insight. Clint graduated from SFU with a degree in International Studies, having participated in the pilot Semester in Development program (Insight‘s first study abroad / international internship program) in 2013. When not working with Insight, Clint can be found filming and editing for organizations like TED. Clint’s passion for student travel lead him to join the Insight team, having first learn about the organization attending a study abroad seminar in January 2013.

Jagvir Kullar

Jagvir Kullar

Program Contributor

Simon Fraser University | BA International Studies

Jagivr (Jaggy) is a third year International Studies students at SFU in Vancouver, BC. Jagvir participated in the Fall 2016 Semester in Development program in Uganda, her first forray into international development. Jagvir joined the Insight team first as an intern, and now has transitioned to work directly with prospective program participants. Her passions for global education and travel stem from her interests in social justice and empathy based learning. Having participated in programming with Insight prior to working with us, Jagvir is the ideal candidate to lead students through the application and registration process. Knowing it would slow her degree progression, Jagvir steadfastly applied for the very first student position Insight posted.

She is also one of the founding members, and is the current President of Alpha Pi Phi at SFU.

Partner With Us

We currently partner with a variety of institutions and organizations in Canada, the US, and abroad, including universities, secondary schools, community based organizations and travel companies. Are you interested in partnering with us? Get in touch with us!