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Life under Lockdown: An update from Kampala

By Hannah Gray | May 22, 2020

Uganda, like the rest of the world, is a drastically different place now than it was in March.

5 Tips for Making the Most of Chiang Mai!

By Clint Omelaniec | February 11, 2020

Our newest Semester in Development launched in Chiang Mai, Thailand in Fall 2019. Considering a semester in Thailand? Here are 5 tips for making the most of your time in Chiang Mai!

A look back at 2019

By Craig Vandermeer | December 31, 2019

Why Good Intentions Aren’t Enough

By Craig Vandermeer | July 12, 2019

Back in 2012, I found myself in rural Uganda, visiting a series of schools in different communities that were coping with a variety of challenges. This was my second stint in Uganda, having previously been in the country researching the arrival of big oil. This time, I was there checking out different communities, specifically visiting…

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Day 10: Driving to Kigali, Rwanda

By Craig Vandermeer | October 30, 2018

Today we said goodbye to Uganda and headed into Rwanda! Although Uganda was amazing, it was interesting to see the immediate differences between the two countries as we crossed the border. The first thing I noticed was the cleanliness. Rwanda has extremely strict laws surrounding public aesthetics. For example, here, plastic bags are banned to…