Updated Health & Safety

Updated January 3rd, 2021

Whether you’re a past or future participant, we want to thank you for sticking with us through this time of uncertainty. This year has been difficult for our university and NGO partners, the communities we work in and the students eagerly anticipating going abroad. We appreciate your patience during this challenging time; we can’t wait to be exploring again soon!

Contact us to discuss your Intern-Study-Travel plans for Summer 2021 and beyond.


At Insight, the health and safety of our program participants is always our primary concern. Prior to each program, our in-country team undergoes a thorough risk assessment with support from our Vancouver office to ensure that our programs comply with our safety standards. The global response to COVID-19 has added an additional level of consideration that we are taking very seriously as we look to resume programming abroad. 

NEW: With the second wave of COVID-19 now impacting nations worldwide, and with travel restrictions very much still in place, Insight is only accepting applications for Summer 2021 programs and beyond. Please contact us if you have any questions, comments or concerns. We appreciate the complexities current circumstances present, and we greatly appreciate your patience during this challenging time.

Please read our COVID-19 Guidelines or book a call with our Student Advisor to learn more.

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