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University Programs

Our programs

Insight’s semester-long university programs take place in culturally rich and diverse locations throughout the Global South. These programs are transformative in nature, but do require a high level of maturity and commitment to complete successfully. Prior to acceptance, Insight interviews all candidates who complete our detailed application process, ensuring we are doing our utmost to vet participants prior to departure. 

Since 2013, over 500 undergraduate students have safely completed semester-long programs throughout the Global South, a testament to the safety measures we implement.

Program staff

Insight’s semester-long programs are led by in-country Program Directors. Our PDs live very close or even within the same apartment building as our students throughout the duration of the program, ensuring participants have quick access to in-country support. Our Program Directors are fully trained in our health and well-being practices, and are tasked with creating and revising policies and practices that are specific to their immediate environment. Program staff routinely check in on students, facilitate weekly discussion groups, and are readily available to intervene and support individuals under all circumstances.

Preparing students

Upon arrival in-country, program participants undergo an extensive 4-day orientation program led by our program operations team. While the orientation provides an array of experiences for our students, our focus throughout the initial four days is on health, well-being, and safety protocols. During the orientation, students will learn about specific and general risks, along with mitigation and prevention strategies that ensure they are equipped with the relevant information to adapt to their new settings.

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One of the most important aspects of any semester abroad program is having a comfortable and convenient location to call home. Our student accommodations are chosen first and foremost from the perspective of safety and risk. In addition, we prioritize comfort and convenience but safety measures always take first priority. In some of our countries of focus, Insight occupies a full household, while in others we have centrally located apartments. Students live as a cohort, sharing their living environments with other students participating in the same program. Insight also employs local caretakers and support staff that assist in the general cleaning, maintenance, laundry and on-going supervision of the living spaces. We employ trusted team members who ensure our accommodations provide a safe and comfortable environment.

Participant info / confidentiality

Insight requires that participants share individual information that is directly related to their health and well-being while travelling with us. All information shared is done so in complete confidence and will never be shared outside of the organization. Once programs conclude, individual information is subsequently deleted. Typical participant information we require prior to departure includes passport/citizenship identification (for border checks), health and dietary concerns (including any allergies) and other relevant details. All information is collected for the benefit of our participants, and as stated earlier, is deleted following the program’s conclusion.

Please note that due to specific requirements implemented by the governments of our host countries, additional information may be required prior to departure. Beginning September 1st, 2021, all travellers looking to participate in an Insight program must be able to show proof of full vaccination for COVID-19.

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