Local Programs

Operating in British Columbia and Ontario

Globalize your classroom

Everything that we do, at home or abroad, is based on experiential pedagogy. We aim to foster critical thinking because we believe that before you can change the world, you need to understand it’s complexities.

Interactive workshops

We run interactive, game-based workshops tackling a variety of global issues to classrooms across Vancouver, Vancouver Island, and Eastern-Ontario. All our programs are led by trained facilitators who have expertise in International Development. 


Want to offer unique global learning to a larger group?

We work with the school team to organize all workshops, arrange inspiring keynote speakers, and connect students with change makers in their own community through interactive site tours.  


Curriculum Resources

Our new curricular packet, covering the UN Sustainable Development Goals, is now available for teachers!

The full 18-unit curricular packet is $20 CAD for educators, and can be fully purchased through Teachers Pay Teachers.

Download our free sample packet which includes 3 of the 18 lessons here.

18 fully complete, ready to use units based on the Sustainable Development Goals

Includes teacher guides, worksheets, weblinks and all resources/materials required

An initial 30-minute consultation call with a team member

Ongoing support through email or zoom at no cost

Connection to our community of educators, be first to receive new free resources!

Want to learn more?

Get in touch

Our team of educators and global issues experts will sit down with you to discuss all that we have to offer and how we can create the right experience for your students. We work with you to ensure that your experience will be rewarding and hassle-free. We provide support every step of the way, from applying to your school administration to marketing to your student body.