Our Philosophy

We believe that before you want to change the world, you need to learn about how it really works first.

At Insight, we challenge students to think differently, to question, to inquire, and to engage. Everything that we do, be it at home or abroad, is based on experiential pedagogy, fostering global citizenship through combined international and local learning.

Abroad, students visit project sites, engage with local change makers, question existing norms and develop a holistic understanding of some of the challenges, and opportunities, present in the Global South.

At home, students will participate in stimulating simulations, engaging them in the classroom to think critically about their role in an increasingly complex world.

International Programs




Costa Rica

Theme Based Programming

Insight’s international programs for highschool students are theme based. Most programs will focus on 2 to 3 key themes (see below for more), issues that are present and pressing in the country of choice. Program itineraries are then carefully crafted based on the themes chosen for the program. From conflict and reconciliation in East-Africa, to environmental conservation in Fiji, our programs introduce participants to some of the most pressing issues in the Global South.

We focus on what’s happening in-country and we combine that with the interests of the participating students/group. Group leaders are encouraged to speak with us to learn more about the theme options for all of our programs.

To see the potential themes for each program, check out the respective program pages. If you have an issue or theme you’d like to explore, let us know, and we can work with you to. All of our program itineraries, including how we integrate themes, are custom built to align with your interests.

Program Locations

More Details

  • 3-4 Themes per program
  • 7-21 Day Custom Itineraries
  • Experiential / Immersive Approach
  • Connected Curriculum
  • In-Class Preparation
  • Post-Program Debriefing
  • Industry leading costs
  • All facilitators with degrees in related field
  • Comprehensive Support by Insight staff

“This was a once in a lifetime experience that changed me in so many ways. I gained incredible, firsthand experience in a part of the world I had never visited before, and I met so many incredible people who taught me some of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned to date. This program was so well laid out; the Insight team prepared our entire group so well for what we would be experiencing. I felt comfortable in a place that had few similarities with what I was used to.”

Sienna Wallee, Spring 2015West Vancouver Secondary

Curricular Resources

Globalize Your Classroom

We believe that before you want to change the world, you need to learn about how it really works first. By doing this, we think everyone can become a global citizen. Our pedagogy is built on the foundations of experiential learning. We offer a combination of international programs, curricular resources and in classroom integration. These materials were created with the intention of bringing our global focus to a local level, encouraging students to “think globally, but act locally.”

Are you interested in our curriculum? All of our resources are completely free for registered educators and current education students.

Contact us and speak with our curriculum developer – Erica Altomare (erica@insightglobaleducation.com)

Our Approach

We explore the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals using a blended model of:

  • Simulations,
  • Inquiry,
  • Empathy.

All materials 100% free for educators!

The United Nations’ SDGs – 5 Units to Introduce the Global Goals

UNIT 1: What is Development?

Understand the overarching discourse in global development and recognize the complexities and strategies in place when creating and implementing a global development regime. Apply this knowledge by attempting to strategize to implement global wide sustainable development goals.

UNIT 2: History of Colonialism

Understand colonialism and neo-colonialism. Students will learn how the colonialist history of the West affected the Global South, and how it still does today. Apply this knowledge by recognizing ways neo-colonialism exists in their community today.

UNIT 3: Equity and Resource Allocation

Understand power dynamics and inequalities that exist across the world. Students will observe how global conflicts and disasters impact healthcare, education, and access to other public services. Apply this knowledge while attempting to build a sustainable community with limited resources.

UNIT 4: Poverty and Incomes

Understand rural and urban poverty and the unique challenges of both. Apply an empathy-based approach when realizing the challenging decisions that people in a state of rural or urban poverty have to make.

UNIT 5: Conservation

Understand different causes and consequences of environmental degradation, along with different ways to conserve the environment. Apply this knowledge to help develop new and practical sustainable methods in the form of an environmental project/ campaign.

Interested in our curriculum?

All of our resources are completely free for educators.

Contact us and speak with our lead curriculum developer – Erica Altomare (erica@insightglobaleducation.com)

Professional Development

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