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High School / Small Group Travel Programs

Our programs

All of our high school and small group travel programs are designed directly in consultation with the group leaders (ie. teachers, scout leaders, etc.). While many of our destinations and itineraries may share similarities, all of our programs are quite unique. For those reasons, should you have safety and security questions related to a specific program, please contact the group lead directly. Should you have more general or non-program specific questions regarding health and safety, please contact our office directly.

General Short-Term Travel Programs Health and Safety Procedures

Our short-term programs, typically ranging from 6 – 21 days, take place in truly diverse locations, from the stunning savannas of East-Africa to the rustic north of Canada’s Yukon. Travellers who join an Insight short-term program will be exposed to surroundings and environments that may be unfamiliar to them. We believe that when delivered with a high degree of responsibility and responsiveness, these experiences can be truly transformative. The health and safety measures we take are essential to the success of our travel programs.

Program staff

Insight’s short-term travel programs are staffed with both a local guide and an international team member. Our local guides are experts in all things related to their host countries, while our international team member supports our guides; facilitating debriefings and dialogues, coordinating activities and scheduling and vetting program partners to ensure they meet or exceed our expectations.

Program Partners

In order to deliver truly transformative experiences, Insight partners with a variety of vendors and partners in our host countries. Whether it’s a transportation operator, a hotel, or an activity partner, Insight brings a blend of providers together to ensure travellers participate in a wide array of experiences while abroad. All Insight partners are vetted thoroughly prior to collaboration, and routinely to ensure standards are maintained.

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Food and drink

Insight programs utilize a variety of vendors that provide meals, including hotels/accommodation providers, restaurants, and other unique food providers. While most food-related vendors are vetted ahead of time, in rare circumstances, such as weather related events, power-outages, etc., it is required that we utilize new vendors. We maintain a high degree of quality control, while relying on the expertise and knowledge of our local guides and partners who contribute to the planning and execution of Insight short-term travel programs.

Participant info / confidentiality

Insight requires that participants share individual information that is directly related to their health and well-being while travelling with us. All information shared is done so in complete confidence and will never be shared outside of the organization. Once programs conclude, individual information is subsequently deleted. Typical participant information we require prior to departure includes passport/citizenship identification (for border checks), health and dietary concerns (including any allergies)  and other relevant details. All information is collected for the benefit of our participants, and as stated earlier, is deleted following the program’s conclusion.

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