How Insight Supports LGBTQ+ Students

Unfortunately, anti-LGBTQ+ policies and sentiment are still a reality and even growing in some parts of the world, including the USA. Insight operates in multiple countries where LGBTQ+ rights fall short of what we consider ideal. Although Insight does not support laws, policies, or social norms that discriminate against LGBTQ+ individuals, we approach student travel from the perspective of gaining a broader understanding of diverse perspectives and experiences.

Why We Still Travel to Less LGBTQ-Friendly Locations

By engaging with local communities, students can participate in meaningful conversations and raise awareness about LGBTQ+ rights and inclusivity, helping to challenge stereotypes and promote understanding. 

Navigating environments that may be less welcoming helps students develop resilience and adaptability. This can be a valuable life skill that extends beyond the program.

By experiencing different cultural contexts, students can strengthen their identity as global citizens and gain a deeper appreciation for the importance of advocacy and human rights. We believe this can foster empathy and encourage critical thinking about global issues. 

However, we believe it is crucial to prioritize safety and be mindful of the potential challenges and sensitivities involved. Insight takes the utmost care to ensure students are in inclusive and supportive environments regardless of the country they are visiting.

Pre-Departure Support and Training

Insight can offer comprehensive pre-departure training sessions that cover LGBTQ+ rights, laws, and cultural norms in destination countries. This training equips students with strategies to navigate potential challenges they may encounter.

Cultural Sensitivity Training

Insight can provide cultural sensitivity training specific to LGBTQ+ issues, helping students understand local attitudes and behaviors. This includes discussions on language, appropriate behavior, and respecting diverse identities.

Preferred Pronouns

Insight understands the importance of respecting and affirming individuals’ gender identities. Students are encouraged to share their preferred pronouns with us, and we ensure that staff and fellow participants use these pronouns respectfully throughout the program. (Please note that international travel regulations still require Insight to collect student’s legal genders as specified on their passport. This information must be provided to the airline.)

  • Access to Resources. Where available, Insight can provide access to resources and support networks for LGBTQ+ students, including information on local LGBTQ+ organizations and communities. This allows students to connect with like-minded individuals and access support if needed.

  • Designated Support Staff. Nestled among the Tofino Mudflats, meet with members of the Rainforest Education Society to learn about the natural environment and cultures of the region.

  • Safe Accommodations. Insight ensures that accommodations provided during the program are safe and inclusive for LGBTQ+ students. Where possible we select LGBTQ+-friendly accommodations or provide private options for students who may prefer separate spaces.

  • Inclusive Activities and Excursions. Insight curates activities and excursions that celebrate diversity and inclusion, avoiding activities that may pose risks or discomfort to LGBTQ+ students.
  • Flexible Rooming Arrangements. We recognize that traditional rooming arrangements may not align with students’ gender identities. Therefore, Insight offers flexible rooming options based on gender identity. Students are given the opportunity to indicate their rooming preferences, and we strive to accommodate these preferences to the best of our ability. Whether students prefer single-gender, mixed-gender, or gender-neutral rooming arrangements, we work to create a comfortable and inclusive environment for all participants.


  • Emergency Support Plans. Insight develops emergency support plans specifically addressing the needs of LGBTQ+ students. Students are informed about how to access support and assistance in emergency situations.


  • Feedback and Continuous Improvement. Insight encourages open communication and feedback from LGBTQ+ students to continually improve our support services for future participants.

More Info

By implementing these measures, Insight creates a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment for middle and high school students who identify as LGBTQ+ participating in our student travel programs worldwide. If you have any questions or would like to discuss addressing the needs of your student(s), please contact