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The Yukon, famous for the Klondike Gold Rush and its’ rich Indigenous cultures, provides unique new perspectives for looking at Canadian culture, history, and climate change.

New understandings of Canadian culture

The Yukon has been inhabited for centuries, holding some of the earliest evidence of the presence of humans in North America. Today, many First Nations groups are striving to keep this rich history and culture to be preserved. Students in this program are extended a warm welcome as they learn from local leaders of First Nations communities.

Changing climates

The earth’s climate has always changed over time, but the current scale and rate of change has never been seen before in earth history. On this program, students will see first-hand how the landscape has changed due to melting glaciers and permafrost.

Popular themes in the Yukon

Fully customizable authentic experiences

At Insight, our program itineraries are as unique as your students. All our program itineraries are customized with teacher chaperones to ensure that it meets the needs of your students.

With the support of a variety of local vendors and NGO’s, we promise that your students will get an authentic, local experience.

Program costs

We make it simple. No hidden fees or itinerary exclusions.

12-15 Students 

$3350 USD*

16-20 Students 

$3200 USD

21-24 Students 

$3050 USD*

* Prices are estimated per student for a 9-day program.

Our prices include:

Program highlights

Experience Canada like never before. Take your students to the foot of the St. Elias to see Canada’s tallest mountain range.

Try something you’ve never done before. In the North, our students will learn to snowshoe, kicksled or even dog sled! 

Students will learn about climate change in one of the fastest-changing ecosystems on the planet. Explore unique environments offered by the Yukon. Students are able to visit a glacier and the desert all on the same day!

Our programs place a high level of importance on intentional reflection. Students will take time to think about complex topics from indigenous rights to climate change.

How it works


Want to take your students outside the classroom? Review our program locations and suggested themes.

Connect with one of our High School Educators who will help custom design your program.

With our assistance, submit required paperwork and details to your Administration and School Board.

Announce the trip to your students! (We’ll provide all the materials you need).

Invite us to your school to host a Student & Parent Info Night! We will be there to answer questions and support student sign-up!

Sample Itinerary

  • Take a tour of the provincial capital while learning about the main industries in the region
  • Explore native flora on a nature hike with the Yukon Conservation Society
  • Learn about native culture and languages with Master Carver Keith Wolfe Smarch
  • Explore the outdoors via dogsled (winter only) or hike along the Millennium Trail
  • Participate in glassblowing while learning about the ways arts are celebrated in the north.
  • Participate in cultural activities and experience traditional cuisine at the Long Ago People’s Place
  • Hike in the National Park, home to Canada’s tallest mountain and witness climate change firsthand as we explore the Kaskawulsh Glacier
  • Explore Tombstone Territorial Park, learning from community elders
  • Practice outdoor leadership skills while overnight camping (This is optional and only available in spring and summer months)
  • Learn about the Klondike Gold Rush and its lasting impact on Canadian History
  • Hike to the Top of the Dome for a view of the entire city
  • Departure flight from Dawson City Airport

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