Semester Abroad

Program Details

What we strive for

At Insight, we embrace a different model of learning. We want students who participate in our global programming to have the unique opportunity to learn directly from local changemakers.

With that in mind, all of our programs are designed and delivered in partnership with local organizations, institutions and individuals, ensuring your impact is sustainable.

What the program includes

International tuition (part-time, 6 to 8 credits)

Comfortable and safe accommodations

Tailored full-time internship experience

24/7 in-country staff support

4-day arrival orientation and airport pickup

Like-minded students from around the world

Our locations

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How our programs work

A semester abroad with Insight is straightforward. We host diverse cohorts of students from around the world in our safe and centrally located accommodations while they:

Intern with a locally-led organization four days of the week

Take classes and earn transferable credits one day of the week

Travel and explore the region on weekends and during the week-long break


Insight’s semester abroad programs run for 12 weeks during the winter/spring, summer, and fall semesters. Our programs are open to students of all academic backgrounds.

The internship

One of the primary aspects of an Insight semester abroad is the full-time internship. Each student interns individually with one of partner NGOs based on their interests, their academic backgrounds and their skill sets. Students spend four days a week interning, developing in-demand skills while building global networks.

We currently work with partner organizations that work in a variety of sectors, including:

Education & Child Protection

Health and Health Policy

Human Rights & Refugee Protection

Gender & Economic Empowerment

Climate Change and Sustainability

Social Entrepreneurship & Business

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A commitment to safety and transparency

At Insight our priority is to create a unique travel program for students that mitigates risk as much as possible while also providing positive life changing experiences. Although all travel carries inherent risks, each of our programs undergo a thorough and comprehensive risk assessment before every departure. Additionally, all our onsite staff are experienced travellers, well versed in the intricacies of living and working in developing nations and fully equipped to handle any obstacles that may arise.

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