How Insight Supports Students with Disabilities

Accessibility while abroad

When organizing student travel programs spanning various destinations worldwide, including North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania, Insight understands the importance of addressing accessibility concerns for middle and high school participants. These concerns can vary significantly depending on factors such as infrastructure, cultural norms, and local regulations. To ensure an inclusive and enriching experience for all students, Insight prioritizes proactive planning, communication, and collaboration with students, host organizations, and local stakeholders. This includes conducting thorough accessibility assessments, providing pre-departure training and support, and advocating for necessary accommodations and adjustments to ensure all students can fully participate in and benefit from their program.

Physical Accessibility

In many destinations but especially in developing countries, students with physical disabilities may encounter challenges related to infrastructure and accessibility. Insight collaborates closely with our partners around the world to address any individual accommodations required to ensure a positive experience for participating students. Many buildings, public transportation, and facilities may not be equipped with ramps, elevators, or other accommodations for individuals with mobility impairments. This lack of accessibility could restrict students’ ability to navigate their surroundings and participate fully in activities. Students with severe physical mobility restrictions, such as those fully confined to a wheelchair, may encounter difficulties in their day-to-day experiences. While we strive to provide support and accommodations, it may not always be feasible to fully address significant/severe mobility concerns due to limitations in infrastructure and resources. However, Insight remains committed to working closely with school partners to develop a tailored accessibility action plan that addresses students’ specific needs to the best of our ability.


Transportation options can vary in terms of accessibility and reliability, impacting students’ ability to commute and participate in activities. Insight is dedicated to addressing transportation accessibility concerns for students completing student travel programs. We collaborate with local partners to identify transportation options that can accommodate individuals with disabilities. Specifically, we assess the extent of the student’s disability and evaluate various transportation alternatives in consultation with the student and the school. In cases where group transportation is inadequate or only partially suitable, such as specific routes or distances, Insight explores private alternatives to ensure partial or full transit needs are met. Our goal is to facilitate safe and accessible transportation options that enable all students to fully participate in their program.

Cultural Attitudes

Cultural attitudes toward disability may differ in host countries compared to students’ home countries, potentially impacting their experience and interactions. While in many countries progress has been made in promoting inclusivity and awareness, students with disabilities may still encounter stigma or discrimination in certain contexts. This could affect their overall experience during the program and their interactions with local communities. Insight provides comprehensive cultural and language orientation sessions to help students navigate and engage respectfully with local communities. In-country staff offer support, and close collaboration with partners ensures students with disabilities receive necessary accommodations and support. We are committed to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment that enables all students to thrive during their program.

Additional Support Services

  • Insight can conduct thorough accessibility assessments of acitivty sites, accommodations, and transportation options to identify potential barriers and develop strategies for addressing them.
  • Insight can work with students to create personalized support plans that outline specific accommodations, resources, and assistance tailored to their individual needs and preferences.
  •  Insight can designate a dedicated disability liaison officer to serve as a point of contact for students with disabilities, offering guidance, advocacy, and support throughout their program.
  • Insight can offer training sessions for staff and fellow students on disability awareness, etiquette, and best practices for creating inclusive environments.
  • Insight can develop emergency support plans for students with disabilities, including protocols for evacuation, medical emergencies, and communication in the event of a crisis.
  • Insight can provide access to mental health resources, counseling services, and support groups for students with disabilities to address any emotional or psychological challenges they may encounter during their program.

More Info

By prioritizing accessibility and providing comprehensive support services, Insight ensures that all students can enjoy transformative and inclusive travel experiences worldwide. If you have any questions or would like to discuss addressing the needs of your student(s), please contact

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