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What we do

At Insight, we take students out of the classroom delivering truly unique learning experiences in diverse locations. Our educational travel programs challenge participants to  think about how the world works and how their own actions, either directly or indirectly, impact our complex society.

Our global education programs combine immersion, experience and inquisition, taking place in what is often described as non-traditional locations. We encourage youth to engage, learn and question the world around them.

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What makes us different

It is our core belief that in order to make the world a better place, we need to be willing to truly learn about how it all works in the first place. For decades, well intended travellers from the Global North have travelled abroad, usually heading south, with the intent of doing good. Equipped with ample evidence, we now know that good intentions don’t always equal good outcomes. While some international volunteer projects do result in good outcomes, many others simply do not.

Our university and high school travel programs challenge the traditional narratives; instead of going abroad to do things for people, we travel abroad to learn things from people. Our travel programs are rooted in local leadership and are built on partnerships with local stakeholders. Youth participating in our programs – whether it be one of our 13-week university semesters or one of our 2-week immersive high school trips – don’t build anything but their understanding and comprehension of the communities they’ve just travelled to. Our program participants don’t teach, nor impart; they meet, they engage and they learn. We place the emphasis on experiential learning through inquiry, observation and engagement with local change makers. We’re different because we get to know each of our students as an individual, their stories, their hopes, their ambitions. We are committed to developing global education programs that suit our students’ needs while having a positive impact in the communities in which we work.

Insight is a fully licensed educational travel organization and is regulated by the Government of British Columbia, Consumer Protection BC, and the Government of Canada. Insight is either registered, or partners directly with organizations and institutions, in all of our host countries.

Our mission

At Insight,  we develop global leaders through innovative and immersive learning experiences. 

So what is a Global Leader? To us, it’s someone who:

All of the curriculum we create, all of the programs we deliver, and all of the experiences we curate are intended to help develop Global Leaders with these qualities. We believe that you can learn many things in a classroom, but it’s the real world experiences that allow you to put these lessons into practice and shape who you are as a person. For this reason, and many more, Insight focuses on creating non-traditional learning experiences for participants of all ages.

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