Middle & High School Programs

What we strive for

Everything that we do, at home or abroad, is based on experiential pedagogy. We aim, first and foremost, to foster critical thinking because we believe that students must understand the world’s complexities before becoming changemakers. Insight’s immersive, theme-based, and customizable programs aim to educate youth on the most pressing issues of today and inspire young leaders to take meaningful action.

Insight partners with schools to develop custom programs that match the needs of their unique students. We’ll work to integrate our programming into your existing curriculum and we will support teachers as much or as little as desired. We look forward to building a reciprocal relationship with your school, just like we do with partners in the community.

Our program offerings

Theme-Based Learning

Insight’s team of educators carefully craft programs that connect the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with each student experience. Whether it’s exploring environmental sustainability and conservation or social justice and gender equality, Insight creates custom curricular connections for each program.


No matter the program, our team works closely with local communities to ensure that students have authentic experiences grounded in reciprocal relationships. Students will learn from inspiring change-makers and local experts about practical ways to support local and global community-based projects.

Personal Development

Our itineraries are filled with hands-on activities that foster leadership and interpersonal skills. All activities will involve student-led inquiry that will encourage critical thought, open-mindedness and teamwork. Our programs place a high-level of importance on intentional reflection.


Curriculum, Conferences and Workshops

Insight’s comprehensive curriculum and custom in-school workshops help you Globalize your Classroom with game-based and experiential learning on Sustainable Development and other social issues.

Community Connection

Local Programming

These immersive and hands-on learning experiences will connect your students with organisations and local change-makers tackling the unique social challenges of your school’s community.


Tours & Excursions

Insight uses travel as an educational platform to support students in becoming skilled global citizens and critical thinkers, as well as to expose youth to diverse and unique regions of our planet.

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