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Our exceptional staff members are the backbone of our organization. Their incredibly diverse backgrounds and international experience provide us with a profound understanding of each of our destinations and allow us to offer our authentic experiences.

Why We’re Different

Build schools. Dig wells. Teach children. These are three common types of international experiences available to youth today. The voluntourism industry, though in its infancy, is now a major player in global education and travel.

It is our core belief that if you want to change the world for the better, then you need learn about it first. Our university and high school programs are rooted in local leadership and are built in partnership with local stakeholders. Students participating in our programs – be it one of our 12-week university summer travel programs, or one of our 2-week immersive high school travel programs – don’t build anything. They don’t teach, nor do they impart; they meet, they experience, they engage, and they learn.

Our global education programs are different; we place the emphasis on learning through observation, inquiry, engagement with local change makers, and experiential learning. We are deeply committed to developing global education programs that suit our students’ needs, while having a net benefit in communities we work in.

Meet the Team


Craig Vandermeer

Director & Founder

SFU | M.A International Studies
Carleton | B.A Political Science

While obtaining his Master’s degree in International Studies, Craig moved to Uganda to conduct research on the growth potential of local oil industry. After spending 5+ years in sub-Saharan Africa, and having witnessed countless poorly designed education abroad programs, Craig decided to take action. Craig founded Insight in 2013 with the goal to create educational travel programs rooted in experience-based learning. Craig has extensive international development experience, having lived and worked in a handful of countries, and traveled to more than 40.


Clint Omelaniec

Director of Marketing & Sales

SFU | B.A International Development

Clint manages the marketing and creative departments of Insight Global Education. Clint graduated from SFU with a degree in International Studies and participated in the pilot Semester in Development program in 2013. When not working with Insight, Clint can be found filming and editing for organizations like TED.


Dana Fallis

General Manager

Queen's | B.A Geography, B.Ed Secondary Education

Dana is an Ontario and British Columbia licensed teacher with experience teaching grade 7-12. She joined our team as our General Manager and supports both our local and international teams. Dana is also extremely well traveled and spent several years living in Vietnam. Like the entire Insight team, she believes that experiential education is an essential part of student learning.


Jessie Castello

University Operations Director

Waterloo | M.A Peace & Conflict Studies
U of T | B.A International Relations

As University Operations Manager, Jessie oversees Insight’s University programs. With a background in Peace and Conflict Studies, Jessie’s interest in youth engagement and social impact led her to Insight. Since joining the team in 2018 Jessie has worked in Uganda, Fiji and Thailand, directing the Semester in Development.


Rudi Ballard

Student Advisor

Guelph | B.Sc Environmental Management

Rudi first came to Insight through our pilot Engage East Africa High School program and went on to participate in our Semester in Development program in Fiji while completing her degree in Environmental Management. Since graduating, Rudi joined our team as a Student Advisor and has been helping to connect students who participate in our programs with meaningful experiences like the ones she had. 


Rafaella Creus

Student Advisor

UBC | B.A Anthropology & International Relations

After finishing her studies at University of British Columbia, Rafaella joined the Insight team as a Student Advisor to support incoming students. Rafaella participated in our Semester in Development program in Uganda in 2017 where she developed an academic and professional interest in International Development with a focus on political processes in the Global South. Rafaella was born in Ecuador and is fluent in both English and Spanish.



Max Power

Digital Marketing Coordinator

BCIT | B.A Marketing & Communications

Since joining our team, Max has become our resident tech wiz! If you receive a message from our email campaigns or see Insight posting on social media, there is a good chance this guy had a hand in writing it. 

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