Understanding Group Airfare

About Group Airfare

There are several reasons why group airfare differs from individual airfare:

  1. Availability: Group airfares are typically only available if there is a block of seats available on the plane that the airline is willing to sell as a group. If the plane is already close to capacity, the airline may not be able to offer a group rate.

  2. Pricing: Group airfares are often high compared to individual fares because the airline is able to fluctuate individual fares frequently based on real time demand, whereas group blocks lock in a rate based on expected demand, often several months in advance. This means that the price per person may be higher for group travel compared to individual travel.

  3. Flexibility: Group airfares are usually less flexible than individual fares. For example, group airfares may have stricter cancellation and change policies, and may not allow changes to the travel dates or destinations once the booking has been made.

  4. Services: Group airfares may include additional services such as ground transportation and group check-in, which may not be available with individual fares.

  5. Itinerary: The itinerary for group travel may be different than for individual travel, with different routes and stops. This can also affect the price of the airfare but is necessary to keep the group together.

  6. Airline limitations: While individual fares often mix and match airlines on bookings, group reservations are booked with the same airline throughout the itinerary. This is necessary because if a change or interruption occurs for all of part of an itinerary, that same airline is able and willing to resolve the problem. (This is not the case if the change or interruption occurs on differing airlines.)

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