About the Program

The Engage Fiji program is designed to introduce current students to a combination of pressing global issues, both academically and experientially. By combining experienced based  learning with a thorough academic regiment, students participating in the program will start to question current paradigms in global development and environmental sustainability.

As the largest of the South Pacific small island states, Fiji has taken on the regional responsibility to spearhead initiatives combating climate change, forced migration, and increasing food insecurities. During a very strong El Nino season, Fiji, and many of it’s neighbouring states, experienced a severe rainy season, and was damaged by Cyclone Winston. The countries preparedness became vital, and it’s ability to bounce back and serve the international tourist markets, has helped get the country and it’s people back on it’s feet.

All of our programs, including Engage FIji, can be customized, and are designed based on the interests and curricular tie-in’s of the class/group we’re working with. Throughout the school year, we work with the teacher to design local opportunities and activities that reflect what’s being taught in the classroom, and what’s happening abroad. Our program itinerary focuses on core themes (typically subjects that are taught at home), giving students the opportunity to take what they’ve learned at home and examine it on the global stage. Given the complex issues facing our planet, we typically focus of 3-4 core themes, and subsequently design our itinerary based on those themes. Our Engage programs are introductory, yet are designed to lead to a development of thick global citizenship, a holistic process that begins at home.

Program Themes

  1. Climate Change and Forced Migration
  2. The Environment of Small Island States
  3. Agriculture and Food Security
  4. Eco-Tourism and Sustainable Travel

Each theme is delivered through a series of activities and opportunities for participants to interact, and learn from locals working in these sectors. In addition, each theme has an academic unit, comprised of three assignments each, that students are required to complete while abroad.

*Program themes and activities can be customized based on the interests of the class/group we are working with. The above 4 are listed to provide an idea as to the types of themes we can explore on this program.

Program Partners