Home to the Amazon Rainforest, Andes Mountains, Cloud Forests and Galapagos Islands,  Engage Ecuador takes students to some of the most unique places on the planet. Students in this program will experience these wonders of our natural world while unpacking complex global issues.

Exploring Unique Ecosystems

In some of the most unique and fragile ecosystems in the world, students will explore how local communities relate to the land and how this has changed throughout the history of South America.

Engage with Local People

Students participating in Engage Ecuador will have the opportunity to meet indigenous leaders and local change makers to discuss complex issues facing their communities. Students will learn how they can help support local initiatives and may even come home with ideas for initiatives in their home communities.

Popular Themes in Ecuador

  • Indigenous History & Culture 
  • Biodiversity, Geology & Earth Sciences
  • Economics & Resource Management
  • Social Enterprise & Micro-Business  
  • Geology & Earth Sciences 
  • Rainforest & Animal Conservation
  • Economics & Resource Management 
  • Indigenous History & Culture
  • Urbanization & Urban Sprawl 
  • Art, Music & Architecture 
  • Physical Education & Outdoor Leadership
  • Ecotourism & Adventure

Program Highlights

Program Costs

We make it simple. No hidden fees or itinerary exclusions.

12 - 15 Students 16 - 20 Students 21 - 24 Students
$3250 USD* $3050 USD* $2850 USD*

* Prices are estimated per student for a 9 day program.

Our Prices include: 

  • Roundtrip airfare 
  • All accommodations 
  • All meals and water 
  • All program activities and experiences 
  • All teacher chaperone costs at an 8:1 ratio
  • Comprehensive travel insurance (medical, travel and cancellation)
  • Curriculum units to accompany program themes 
  • Global and locally-based facilitators 
  • Pre-program orientations and post-program debriefing

Fully Customizable
Authentic Experiences

At Insight, our program itineraries are as unique as your students.

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All our program itineraries are customized with teacher chaperones to ensure that it meets the needs of your students. 

With the support of a variety of local vendors and NGO’s, we promise that your students will get an authentic, local experience. 

How It Works

Step 1

Want to take your students outside the classroom? Review our program locations and suggested themes.

Step 2

Connect with one of our High School Educators who will help custom design your program.

Step 3

With our assistance, submit required paperwork and details to your Administration and School Board.

Step 4

Announce the trip to your students! (We’ll provide all the materials you need).

Step 5

Invite us to your school to host a Student & Parent Info Night! We will be there to answer questions and support student sign-up!

Sample Itinerary

Quito (Days 1-2)

    • Arrive at San Jose International Airport
    • Explore this UNESCO World Heritage City on tours through the city centre and learn about its unique culture and history
    • Visit to Impaqto Quito, Ecuador’s leading Social Enterprise incubator and learn about the inspiring work of local initiatives
    • Guided tour at Mitad Del Mundo learning about Indigenous customs and traditions based on the equator


Amazon Basin  (Days 3-5)

    • Arrive at Sinchi Warmi, a community lodge run by local Indigenous women
    • Explore the native flora and fauna with our indigenous guides and participate in weaving using local plants fibers
    • Hands-on tour learning about how to produce ethically sourced, fair-trade chocolate from cacao beans
    • Tour animal conservation centres to learn more about endangered species and efforts to restore habitats and rehabilitate animals to the wild
    • Hike up to waterfalls and enjoy the beauty of this protected water system


Banos de Agua Santa (Days 6-8)

    • Visit popular tourist sites including Tungurahua Volcano and Quilotoa Crater and hike around the rim enjoying breathtaking views of the crater lake
    • Learn from local peoples about how ecotourism is creating sustainable jobs
    • Volunteer and learn through service participating in tree-planting initiatives in the cloud forest


Quito (Day 9)

    • Experience the city from 4000m above in a breathtaking Teleferico gondola ride
    • Final day Celebration dinner at the hotel
    • Depart from Quito International Airport
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“ Getting to travel with your friends is awesome, but what made this trip special was it also challenged us to think differently and work together. The friends I made on this trip will definitely be friends for life!”


Jason, Student

“This trip taught us about indigenous knowledge from people in the indigenous community. Getting to meet people and hear about their connections to plants and experiences was way more impactful than reading about indigenous communities in a textbook.”


“Insight was fantastic from start to finish. They came to the school before we even signed up and this helped to show us that our children were in good hands.