May 19 – 29, 2023

In the middle of the South Pacific Ocean lies an archipelago of more than 300 islands known collectively as the Republic of Fiji. There are two very distinct sides to Fiji; the coastal cities adorned with palm-lined beaches and coral reefs amidst blue lagoons, and the traditional thatched communities set against mountain backdrops. One leads to economic growth and the other preserves its culture. From sugarcane to coconuts, cassava, rice, sweet potatoes, and bananas, this program explores all sides of Fiji, giving voice to local changemakers innovating to bolster access to Fijian’s most basic necessity, food.

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Thatched communities set against mountain backdrops await in Fiji!

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Itinerary - 10 days

Although the flight from Los Angeles to Fiji is direct, the distance and time difference mean that you’ll land two days after you depart.

Kick off the trip with a visit to Aviva Farms where you’ll learn about Fiji’s traditions of cooking under the soil, and the importance of sustainable harvesting. 

Next, head to the Pacific Farmer’s Organization, a vibrant and growing network of national farmer organizations that are increasingly changing the face of agriculture in the region. Explore how members are actively working to achieve sustainable practices through good soil health initiatives, seed saving practices, traditional and organic farming techniques, and farming to mitigate changing climatic conditions.

Embark on a short ride to Lautoka to visit Agriculture Development for the Environment. Learn about the importance of our oceans and their resources and the immediate vital actions needed to promote biodiversity conservation, sustainable fisheries, and awareness toward achieving a green/blue economy for Fiji’s future generations. In the afternoon, take part in a local coral planting initiative!

Head south along the Queen’s Road towards the region of Sigatoka to visit the Sand Dunes National Park. Later, stop by Teitei Fiji, a permaculture farm working to empower communities to live a sustainable and more environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Witness how a humble initiative has grown to become a truly sustainable enterprise.

After a short drive to Suva, meet with government officials at the Embassy of Tuvalu. Learn about the impacts of climate change, land loss, and agriculture, and how these issues are forcing environmental migration throughout the South Pacific.

Begin with a visit to the city’s open air food market. After a budget grocery shopping exercise, visit Fiji National University’s  agriculture department to learn about the impacts of colonization and foods. End the day at the Fiji Museum.

Time to experiencing some of Fiji’s most beautiful rainforests while learning about Fijian food and agritourism. At Namosi Eco Retreat, enjoy a guided nature walk in the highlands followed by a traditional cooking class. Harvest food from the mountainous crops of Navunikabi Village.

Later, continue toward Pacific Harbour and the Coral Coast for a beachside evening.

Wake up by the beach in Pacific Harbour. Start the day by joining a local initiative to restore mangroves. Then hear from a social enterprise that is working to reduce palm deforestation. Throughout Fiji, hotels and accommodation providers often unsustainably cut down palms, using the leaves for roofing materials that create an “authentic” feel. However, this practice is incredibly damaging to the land and is causing land degradation and agricultural destruction. This discussion will demonstrate how a locally developed alternative has got resorts thinking about their environmental footprint.

Surrounded by Fiji’s famous crystal-clear waters and beautiful coral reefs, Malamala Beach Club is the ideal place to spend the day swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and paddle boarding.

An evening departure means there is time for a little souvenir shopping back in Nadi Town before heading home. Due to the time difference, it’ll be earlier when you land than when you departed!


Fiji requires that all travelers carry proof of full vaccination against Covid-19.

In the event the program is delayed or cancelled due to COVID-19, all program fees will be fully refunded.

Insight has robust policies in place in the event participant(s) contract COVID during the program, in line with practices established by the Government of Fiji and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). COVID-19 specific medical and interruption insurance is included in the program fee.

Health & Safety

Insight has delivered international trips for a wide variety of audiences, including both adults and youths, since 2013. Our top priority from start to finish is the health and well-being of our participants. In the event conditions change while on trip, Insight may need to adjust the itinerary to ensure participant health and safety.

As with all trips, risks do exist and participants will need to complete Acknowledgement of Risk documentation prior to departure. Insight will take every precaution to ensure this experience is truly unforgettable, all for the right reasons. To learn more about our health and safety practices, please contact us.


If the program is cancelled or postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all participants will be refunded in full.

Insight develops immersive travel programs that incorporate fun and adventure with purpose driven learning. By incorporating authentic experiences into the itinerary, we’re able to show you amazing things about Fiji while also broadening your perspectives. No need to worry as there won’t be any test at the end!

We’ve run programs for high school, university, and adults around the world. Fiji is one of the most welcoming and safe countries to visit. Our experienced team will be with you the entire time and will give you a thorough briefing upon arrival on best practices while exploring the country. We have run programming in Fiji since 2018, all without significant incidents or issues.

The program fee includes flights, accommodations, transportation, meals, and activities as listed in the itinerary. It also includes travel and medical insurance. Personal expenses, such as shopping for souvenirs, are not included.

Fiji is a great program for students interested in the environment, climate change, conservation, and sustainability. Anyone who loves palm-lined beaches and lush hillsides will enjoy the landscapes. Anyone who enjoys learning about and engaging with local initiatives will have plenty of opportunities to do so. Students who sign up should be comfortable in hot weather.

Please refer to instructions sent by your school.

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