May 21 – 27, 2023

One of Canada’s most culturally unique provinces is Québec, home to the beloved, historic cobblestone streets of Montréal and Québec City. Québec boasts over one million lakes and rivers including the St. Lawrence River which unites Montréal and Québec City and was the route of early explorers of New France. This program explores these French colonial cities to uncover the language, architecture, cuisine, and history that make the Québécois culture unlike any other in the world.

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Beloved, historic cobblestone streets await in Montréal and Québec City!

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Itinerary - 7 days

Travel from Los Angeles to Montréal, Québec, and head out to the cobbled streets of the Old City in search of Canada’s claim to fame, poutine! Poutineville is one of the best-known poutineries in town. Combining fries, gravy, cheese curds, and Montréal smoked meat is an art.

Dive into Québécois culture, identity and foods on our Markets and Murals tour. Explore different types of foods that make up the diverse culture of Montréal from fresh local eats to adapted flavors brought in by the city’s diverse immigrant population.

Learn about the significance of street art and murals in Montréal, a defining characteristic of the city itself.

In the afternoon, see diverse ecosystems at the biodome.

In the evening, hop aboard Canada’s largest observation wheel, providing stunning city and landscape views. Built to commemorate 375 years of history, La Grand Roue towers over 20 stories high.

Montréal is world-famous for its bagels! What makes them unique? Montréal bagels are poached in honey water before being baked in a wood-fire burning oven. This cooking process gives the bagel its distinctive chewiness, golden color and crust. Participate in a bagel workshop and then enjoy the fruits of your labor with breakfast made by you!

Experience an evening at the original home of Cirque du Soleil. Founded nearly 40 years ago, Cirque Du Soleil is the global leader in circus and live entertainment, and was founded in Montréal.

Learn about the distinct cultures of indigenous peoples from community elders at the Kahnawake Indigenous Reservation and develop a greater understanding of the impacts of colonization. Participate in a youth-led demonstration of Lacrosse, a sport with distinct indigenous roots. After lunch, we’ll head north for Québec City!

Venture to the Plains of Abraham, a pivotal battle site where the English overcame the French, paving the way for English expansion across North America.

Take a walking tour through Québec’s Old City, the oldest city settlement in North America. With over 400 years of history, Québec City’s old center is easily the most European community found on the continent today.

Head to the National Assembly of Québec to learn about the distinct identity of Québec, a legally defined nation within the country of Canada.

Embrace a truly Canadian experience in the mountainside, touring a sugar shack (where maple syrup is produced) followed by a traditional lumberjack dinner.

Test your language skills in a language immersion experience with our Québec experts. Learn about some of the more unique phrases and “ism’s” that distinguish Québécois from French. Afterwards, enjoy some free time in the Old City before visiting Montmorency Falls to embrace the open skies overlooking one of Québec’s stunning scenes.

Visit the Citadel and step back in time as you wander through the ivy-covered walls. Then depart for the airport to begin your return to Los Angeles.


Canada requires that all travelers carry proof of full vaccination against Covid-19.

In the event the program is delayed or cancelled due to COVID-19, all program fees will be fully refunded.

Insight has robust policies in place in the event participant(s) contract COVID during the program, in line with practices established by the Government of Canada and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). COVID-19 specific medical and interruption insurance is included in the program fee.

Health & Safety

Insight has delivered international trips for a wide variety of audiences, including both adults and youths, since 2013. Our top priority from start to finish is the health and well-being of our participants. In the event conditions change while on trip, Insight may need to adjust the itinerary to ensure participant health and safety.

As with all trips, risks do exist and participants will need to complete Acknowledgement of Risk documentation prior to departure. Insight will take every precaution to ensure this experience is truly unforgettable, all for the right reasons. To learn more about our health and safety practices, please contact us.


If the program is cancelled or postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all participants will be refunded in full.

Insight develops immersive travel programs that incorporate fun and adventure with purpose driven learning. By incorporating authentic experiences into the itinerary, we’re able to show you amazing things about Canada while also broadening your perspectives. No need to worry as there won’t be any test at the end!

We’ve run programs for high school, university, and adults around the world. Canada is one of the most welcoming and safe countries to visit. Our experienced team will be with you the entire time and will give you a thorough briefing upon arrival on best practices while exploring the country. We have run programming in Canada since 2020, all without significant incidents or issues.

The program fee includes flights, accommodations, transportation, meals, and activities as listed in the itinerary. It also includes travel and medical insurance. Personal expenses, such as shopping for souvenirs, are not included.

Québec is a great program for students interested in Québécois culture, indigenous cultures, and North American history. Anyone who loves European architecture will enjoy the landscapes. Anyone who enjoys learning about and engaging with local initiatives will have plenty of opportunities to do so. Students who sign up should be comfortable in possibly stormy weather.

Please refer to instructions sent by your school.

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