Local Programming

Immersive, experiential learning in your home community.

Our programming

Insight’s local programming introduces students to the most pressing issues in their home communities, and inspires them to take informed action. Students will work hands-on alongside local organizations and changemakers, build meaningful connections, and gain a deeper understanding of their local community.

What we offer

Your students may have the opportunity to

Remove invasive species with local environmental advocacy groups
Get your hands dirty weeding, harvesting or planting while learning about food security and sustainable food systems at local farms

Explore equity, social justice and entrepreneurship alongside organizations reducing barriers to employment

Develop greater understandings of indigenous knowledge while exploring your own community from different perspectives
Offset your environmental footprint while removing plastic waste from vulnerable habitats
Support social entrepreneurs working under challenging conditions while learning about their ventures first hand

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All programs are custom

Our team will work with you to develop a community based program that suits your school’s needs and available schedules. Whether it’s a week-long experience at the end of May, or a 1 day a month program throughout the school year, our team can work with you to develop the right experience for your students.

We work with groups of all sizes, so whether it’s a 20 student class or your entire school, we’ll work with you to curate the right program for the size of the group participating.

Download our sample PDF to learn about our Breadth and Depth program formats - these are two examples of what Insight can do for your school!

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