Customized short-term travel programs for middle and high schools

Travel is how we educate

We work with educators to develop innovative and immersive learning experiences that inspire students on their path to becoming global citizens.

What is a global citizen? To us, it’s someone who:

All of the curriculum we create, the programs we deliver, and the experiences we curate are intended to inspire global citizens. We believe that you can learn many things in a classroom, but it’s real world experiences that allow you to put these lessons into practice and shape who you are as a person. For this reason, and many more, Insight focuses on creating non-traditional learning experiences for participants of all ages.

How it works

Let us make short-term travel simple with entirely customizable programs.

Tell us what themes, dates, and locations you’re interested in *see sample themes below

We’ll develop a few program proposals for you to review

Together, we’ll customize your program(s) and support you every step of the way

Comprehensive Program Costs

While costs vary by location, we make it simple. There are never hidden fees, exclusions or add-ons, making the trip planning process straightforward and transparent.

Each program fee includes:

*Included unless otherwise requested or directed by the leadership group behind the trip! Speak with us to learn more.

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Program themes

At Insight, all of our programs are customized to meet your group’s interests and needs. Each travel program is typically made up of two to three program themes that influence the itinerary and activities included.

Sample themes include:

Climate Change and Sustainability
Poverty Reduction
Social Entrepreneurship
Indigenous Knowledge
Physical Geography and the Environment
Human Rights and Migration
Arts, History and Culture
Eco-Tourism and Adventure
History and Politics (regional)

Advocacy and Activism

Our team will work with you to find the right combination of themes that will both inspire and engage your students, while ensuring we develop a unique itinerary that meets your logistical and financial needs.

Insight offers travel programs in the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Europe. From studying peace and conflict in Rwanda to climate change and food security in Fiji, talk to our team to find the best program for your school!


Costa Rica

Our approach

Our travel programs challenge the traditional narratives; instead of going abroad to do things for people, we travel abroad to learn things from people. Our travel programs are rooted in local leadership and built on partnerships with local stakeholders. 

A commitment to safety and quality

At Insight, safety is our top priority. Before each program is approved, we’ll answer any and all questions you may have to ensure that you feel confident in our risk mitigation and safety procedures. Each year, we undergo intensive risk assessments in each of our locations in which we operate. We take thorough precautions to maintain the physical, emotional and mental health of each participant while travelling abroad with us.

As part of our risk mitigation strategy, all our High School travel programs include:

If a medical emergency should arise, our in-country team and facilitators are there to support students and teachers with obtaining medical care. When developing an itinerary, our team ensures that each location offers access to emergency medical care. 

For more detailed information about our health and safety procedures, please connect with our team.

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